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Dreams That Liberate. Part I.

I enjoy an unchained mind at its weirdest – the ability of a dream to seep into your conscious and change an opinion, even a feeling towards somebody. That wild corner of mind that tells you what you really want, what you have missed.

What have I woken up? Part II

I rolled around to face my ghost. The men returned with a contraption known as a punishing bench. They put my playfully resisting self on it in a doggy position. My forearms and knees were positioned onto leather padding and my wrists and ankles locked into steel cuffs.

What have I woken up? Part I

The reason I did not want to be alone was the house – it was frozen in time, untouched, as if something was sleeping in it and I would disturb that something by moving in. I rationalised my way around it, but I could not quite shake the feeling off.

I Command You Not To Eat

Last time I was dominated was with one of my Doms, the voyeur. He invited two men to please me.
But I want to take this further: what if psychological domination served a different purpose, in addition to sexual fulfilment?

Let’s talk about masks

It definitely was not one of those loose faux-leather masks. The seal was tight around my head, the only air I could get was through the filter – it tasted metallic, mixed with the taste of rubber. The sound inside the mask resembled the one of being under water – strangely contained, intensified, interspersed with your own breaths that are so much more audible than normal.

In Flight: Blowjob

I kiss him on the lips, pressing my breasts into his chest, caressing his cock through his jeans pocket. It is conveniently veering left and I can touch it with my well-trained right hand. I rub it back and forth slowly through the cotton lining of the pocket. He is getting longer, harder, breathing heavier. I squat down with my knees spread wide and start unzipping his jeans.

How are affairs going to survive the virus?

The idea of monogamy is alien to me but it does exist, regardless of my beliefs; I write about it in my novel “In Flight”. I give advice on how to have a successful affair as monogamy goes had in hand with affair, they are lovers, if you will. I do not entirely believe in affairs either, but they are an option closer to my – open – way of thinking.

I do not remember you…

I talk to many people online, delightful people. Stories, especially someone else’s, may not stick in your mind for as long as your own experiences, but I always thought that people with who I have had sex at least once and I no longer keep in touch with, providing I was not drunk, high and all that, would definitely be easy to remember.

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