Ruby Ray. Ruffling feathers.

Ruby Ray is a name I chose to go by, it sounds melodic. Ruby Blackbird Ray – not that much, it just sounds different. I threw in « blackbird » for a specific reason – it is a bird that followed me through very sexually-charged moments in my life, so now the bird represents my freedom, sexual and otherwise. And this freedom I expressed in my novel, appropriately entitled « In Flight ».

« In Flight » is a completely adult novel. So adult that children should not be allowed anywhere near it. It should be read with a protective screen on your device.

The contents of my book may anger you, but it will – no doubt – give you pleasure.

As one of my lovers says « It will ruffle some feathers ». You will most probably not like Ruby Blackbird Ray very much. You may even hate her. But some of you will absolutely adore her.

I would love to read expressions of emotion my written words evoke. I expect those emotions to be strong, covering both ends of the spectrum.

Ruffling of the feathers will commence soon.

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