What is “In Flight”?

In Flight is a sexually-charged, torrid, thought provoking, intelligent porn novel.

It will suck you (and its main uninhibited character Ruby Ray) into an unconventional world of kinky sex dungeons, BDSM with its doms and dommes, fetishism, group sex, orgies, bacchanalias, homoeroticism, slaves, masters and public sex.

Honest, funny, personal and at times poignant but always unfiltered, In Flight is told in genuine, non-judgemental, often humorous words of a woman who loves her fetishes and kinks.

In Flight is not only about searching for the perfect sexual pleasure: it is also a cross-genre novel with suspenseful and thrilling detective chapters, and Ruby’s outlook on enforced idea of monogamy, which, according to her, is “a collective delusion”.

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