Dreams That Liberate. Part II. The Real World.

It’s 7:30 in the morning and I am back in the office for the first time after Covid lockdown.

I am not the only one to have risen early: my colleague in front of me is already there, rubbing her hands with disinfectant, asking me if I am OK hugging. I am not, so we don’t hug. I like her, but I dislike physical proximity, unless it’s sex. Covid is a good excuse – one can pretend to be careful or caring.

I find my dusty shoes underneath my desk, untouched, just like I left them six months ago. My mug is equally dusty. New pens and pads have been delivered with a note not to share them.

I move through a rather deserted office to wash my mug. Through the clear glass walls I can see that my boss’s desk is empty, but not apocalyptic – he came back to work several days ago, the dust is gone, there is a new plant on the floor.

My colleague asks if I want to join her to get a takeaway coffee. I can do that.
Back at my desk, the coffee tastes nice. I work in silence, undisturbed – Covid-schmovid has its advantages.

The 25% of workforce are coming into the office, say “hello” over a safe distance, ask how I am. I am well. I would be better if my prey turned up in the office some time soon, but I am patient.

Several hours of intense online and in-person meetings. I feel tired, but the day has been productive, things seem to flow easier in-person. 2 hours still to go but I am already much more tired than I would be if I were at home. My colleague is changing her shoes (the high heels hurt her). She feels the need to verbalise everything she is doing. I do not reply. I stretch my arms and legs, my muscles strain letting the blood rush into every fibre. This small exercise makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I close my eyes to rest for a minute.

“Ruby?” Interrupts a man’s voice. My boss has sneaked up on me like a cat and is now standing beside me, with a pen in his hand and a slight smile on his well-shaven face.

“I got a bit scared.” I admit without a slightest feeling of embarrassment.

“I am sorry,” he says vibrating the pen in between his fingers at the same speed he was vibrating his snake-like tongue in my dream, moves closer. My colleague rises from below her desk, having changed her shoes. The unexpectedness of her confuses him and he drops his pen, dives down quicker than one normally would, to retrieve it. His head milimetres away from my leg; a tiny bit closer and I’d be able to feel his breath on my skin. He stands up, flustered, offers his hand and congratulations.

I like when people get flustered. That shows they are unsure of themselves. This means they do not have a plan – they have a willingness, but no plan, they are just testing waters. I am a good planner, I can take over if needs be.
He lets go of my hand and again starts vibrating his pen. I thank him for his “lovely email”. We chit chat about the virus, it’s almost like talking about weather. My speech is slow, calculated. I make eye contact and smile. I ask and listen, agree and nod. I do not talk much about myself. I uncross my legs, let my arms drop so my body feels open and unrestricted by crossed legs or arms. He stops vibrating his pen.

He was the one that initiated the conversation, so according to social protocol I wait for him to finish his spiel and go. I am not willing to let him know too much – desire is fuelled by mystery. I stop asking questions. He fiddles around a bit, then says he needs to go. It was very good to see me.


He moves towards me, a little hesitantly, and kisses me on both cheeks. Ah, we’re on this level now. Our perfumes mix. I like his musky, wood undertones. He breathes in my Fragonard scent, smiles.

I wish him a good weekend and with that he is released to go. He walks away. I turn back to my computer and do not look back, so I do not know if he’s looking. I am never very interested in that part. I have learned enough from our conversation.

My prediction is that he will find a project for me within the next couple of days. Something that will require direct reporting to him.

Let’s wait and see.

Elias and I go to a nude sauna on Saturday.

Generally it’s lovely to meet free-minded people although we always have to reject unwanted advances. This time it is a couple that we do not find fascinating from the outset: the man sits himself next to me in the steam room, the side of his palm touching my thigh, uninvited. He talks about himself a bit. Then says that there are private rooms in the sauna. I know there are. I smile. Thinking that we are new, he says that we can also just watch, not necessarily get involved. I know we can. I smile again. I am not trying to save his face with more words – he approached me, he should then expect to do all the linguistic work. He gets the hint, they move on.

I lie down on Elias’ lap and he strokes my clit. The steam room offers some misty privacy but it also offers opportunities to voyeurs and exhibitionists – today we’re the latter.

He strokes my skin where he can reach it, kisses my hands. I arch my back when he slides his finger between my wet lips, moves back and forth, slowly first, then quicker.

The men around us sit separately with their hands by their sides, palms down on the seats, feet touching on the floor, knees apart – a man’s spread. The ones that watch us stroke their cocks. It seems an instinct kicks in and they are led by an invisible hand to do what they need to do. And they do it.

A couple on the other side of the room are involved in a blowjob. The curly-haired, good-looking man sits like all other men, the only difference is that one of his hands is not next to him, but palm down in his partner’s ginger hair. She is kneeling on the tiled floor, sucking him, her back to us, her bum looks nice, but I cannot see anymore of her. Her knees must be hurting.

The man looks at me and smiles. I quite like such contact. I smile back but Elias’ strokes soon make my eyes wander and my body vibrate with pre-orgasmic muscle spasms. I grab his giving hand but he keeps moving. I twist into a ball and moan my pleasure.

The men keep masturbating. I press my face into Elias’ belly. I have never seen men cumming in a steam room, never even thought about it until now. They most probably do. The thought makes me a little uneasy. I need to bring my flip-flops next time. Never thought of that either.

We get into a heavily chlorinated jacuzzi and I tell Elias about the encounter with my boss. He asks if I like my boss, physically. I do. He’s happy about that. Then he asks if my boss has a woman. I do not know. I think he does. Elias prefers two women in his threesomes, two male situation does not interest him greatly. Foursome he would go for though. If this does not work out, then we would go out on our separate dates and reconvene after for more quality sex and wine.

The curly-haired man gets into the jacuzzi. He’s alone. He smiles at Elias, then at me. Moves closer and offers his hand to us both, pays us a compliment. “Damian.” Nice to meet you. I like this approach – easy, relaxed, expecting nothing.

It transpires he does not know the ginger-haired woman, they met in the sauna today. She felt like giving a blowjob, he felt like receiving one. Was it good? Not bad. He needed some visual aids so he watched us. He thanks us for our performance. You’re welcome. Would we like to exchange numbers? We do not mind. We are approached a lot by single men who hope Elias would just watch. We’re not into that. But we’ll keep the number. We have a lot of numbers. I guess, overtime, we’ve become picky.

Damian leaves. We relax back into the bubbling water.

Then, the ginger-haired woman steps into the pool, her gazelle like legs tread carefully finding her space to sit, bubbles caressing her ginger crotch as she walks.

At the edge of the jacuzzi she bends down and feels to find the tiled underwater bench. As she does so, her bum and then her pussy lips get exposed to us. She has a nice pussy. I imagine Elias licking it – it turns me on. We squeeze our hands underwater, it’s our sign to put Elias’ dream of a threesome into real world action.

She sits down and looks around. I dislike wasting time so as soon as her eyes travel to meet mine, I smile, lift my hand out of the water and wave. “You look beautiful,” I mouth, adding a thumb-up. She smiles, a bit shyly. “Thanks”.

I move across to sit next to her. She makes space by moving a little to her right. I do not touch her or offer my hand – just like me, some people may not like proximity. My words will do the work.

“You helped me cum earlier, in the steam room, with that guy, Damian. Beautiful sight. Thank you”.
“Did I?” She laughs an innocent laugh, her breasts move slightly out of the water and I can see her freckled nipples, they look lovely. Yes, you did.

Elias finds his way to us and sits next to me – we do not want to scare this gazelle off by trapping her.
“Elias. And Ruby,” he says taking my hand out of the water and sliding his fingers to intertwine with mine.


Elias nods in acknowledgement. He does not have patience for small talk, this introduction is pretty much all he can muster. He relaxes next to me with his head on the edge of the pool, eyes closed. This normally make women feel that his loss of interest is abrupt, but not impolite. They are used to the flirt continuing, but with Elias it does not.

I chat to her for a bit; she’s a clever gazelle, pretty, somewhat unspoilt. It’s her second time in the sauna, first stranger blowjob. Why didn’t she stay with Damian after? He wanted sex, Skylar was not comfortable jumping into things so quickly, all this availability seemed too much for her to take in, she is still finding her boundaries.

Several minutes into our conversation I feel Elias’ hand on my crotch. I twitch. There is no mistaking what he’s doing. Elias giggles. He lets me go and stands up – his cock hard and all the way up.

He winks at me, then looks at Skylar and says “It was nice meeting you.” He then steps out of the pool and busies himself wrapping the towel around his waist, again, completely ignoring Skylar.

Skylar watches Elias, then she looks at me, intrigued. I stand up from the water and offer her my hand. “Come, you’re safe with us.”

She smiles. Her smile is no longer shy, it’s cheeky. We step out of the pool together.

To be continued…

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