Ruby Ray, an alias, was “born” several years ago. After my several long-term relationships, after each one ended, a pattern was clear – monogamous relationships have an expiry date and it tends to hurt, somewhat. If all 100% of them failed, what is a statistical probability of the next one being a success? Zero.

I decided to take a break. I gave myself freedom to roam and soak up the world – it turned out to be a kinky kind of world that interested me most. It took several years and many encounters to find myself within it.

Why did I write “In Flight”?

Sexual experiences are of very sensitive nature – people are at their most vulnerable, the senses become heightened through sheer physicality of sex. Rarely does one remember what present they got for their last birthday (or at least they have to think about it if it was not yesterday), but they will remember a kiss of a stranger on a late night bus in Buenos Aires for the rest of their lives.

The experiences I went through were overwhelming at times, disappointing at others. Not to lose what seemed to be interesting insights at the time, I decided to start noting them down. Just noting, nothing serious. It was a research, an analysis of myself and others. One paragraph became two, then followed the rest of the numerical order. An alias was transforming into a writer.

The only two words that best describe what was emerging were “intelligent porn”.

“In Flight” is exactly that – intelligent porn – not a romance, on one hand, and not devoid of thought, on the other: detailed, written not to impress, but satisfy, tactful, thought-provoking, very much engaged in, but often stepping outside the usual carnal desires and offering insight into human nature behind the carnality.

I would be glad to know your thoughts on “In Flight”. I would also love to hear what you yourself experienced on your sexual journeys!

I have asked my ex, present (and possibly – future) lovers to tell me what they think of “In Flight”. Their unadulterated thoughts are below.

What my lovers say:

“I liked In Flight a lot. It made me connect to you, like I got to know you through your thoughts. Every woman on the planet has a pussy, so a description of going in and out of yours and nothing else isn’t necessarily going to be making me want to know you – or at least beyond wanting to fuck you. But you open up to your personality and that’s what makes you desirable.”


“In Flight is a highly erotic, wickedly funny story of a young woman’s sexual journey and the many characters she meets along the way. A thinking person’s porn novel, it combines intimately detailed sexual encounters in every scenario you could imagine – and many you couldn’t – with moments of deep reflection and rich humour. You may not love everything the heroine does, but you will love her attitude and bravado, making her a protagonist unlike any other. A genuine page turner, In Flight is a perfectly paced, fun and thought-provoking romp through a way of life few of us will ever get to experience.”


“From the parts I’ve read in your book, you might be the best a man could wish for.”


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